Birmingham escorts

Birmingham escorts

Birmingham male escorts are available to hire by the hour. Although male escorts in Birmingham are not currently booked as much as their female competitors, they are becoming more known and popular. The social stigma of male Birmingham escorts is becoming less. There are different types of male escorts in Birmingham who are available for male and female customers. Available to rent by the hour are; Birmingham straight male escorts, Birmingham gay male escorts, Birmingham bi-sexual male escorts, Birmingham transgender escorts, Birmingham shemale escorts and Birmingham male model escorts. 

The general public instantly think of male escorts in Birmingham as male prostitutes. Or gigolo, male hookers or rent boys. However, many male customers and in particular female customers, book Birmingham male escorts for gentlemanly companionship. This is a platonic, non-sexual meeting simply for the need of a male companion. Female customers who require some male arm-candy. Or a male chaperone.  

There are many social events where a female is expected to bring a partner and they don’t want to turn up alone. They need a “boyfriend experience” from a Birmingham male companion. A gentleman to open the doors and place his arm gently around her waist as they enter the event. A kind and handsome male Birmingham escort to stay by her side and make conversation. A charming and considerate male companion in Birmingham to ensure she doesn’t feel left out or a loner. For occasions in Birmingham city with family or friends, she wants to be seen out in public with a respectful and handsome male model escort. She can be guaranteed that his behavior will be impeccable around her close circle. As well as having a male sex bomb to show off.  

She may even wish to book a Birmingham male party escort. This is a great choice of male companion if a female client wants to make an ex-boyfriend jealous. Or she simply wants a night on the town with a dance and drinks. Having a jaw-dropping male companion will fill her with confidence on her night out in Birmingham city center! 

Male and female customers often use male escorts in Birmingham as a front for their true sexuality. They appear in public together and he poses as her new boyfriend. For a lesbian female who wants to throw her family off their suspicions. She may not be ready yet to “come-out” publicly. Or she may have family who would not be understanding. There are of course male customers who are bi-curious. They require some companionship from a gay male escort in Birmingham to explore how they feel. Again, not necessarily a sexual encounter. 

Female customers generally do not want sexual Birmingham male escorts. They do not book him for sexual services. They want intellectual conversation and to be charmed. They want dinner dates. To be wined and dined, even though she is paying. They want to connect with the male escort. And its only then, after many bookings will she perhaps treat him as an innovative lover. 

Female customers book Birmingham male escorts because they can have all the enjoyable experiences of a temporary relationship without the commitments or obligations. This is beneficial for women with careers or who have limited free time. She can ensure that her “friend with benefits” will be discrete and everything is confidential. There will be no kiss-and-tell stories to her friends the next day.